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The Hangout is a waterless, portable urinal requiring no plumbing, no mounting, produces no bad odours and is capable of recycling waste. This environmentally friendly unit comes fitted out with handwash, soap and paper towel dispensers, rubbish compartment and foot pump servicing handwash, thus making the No.1 Aussie Hangout a hygienic and complete unit.

About Us

The Hangout is made from tank grade rotational moulded durable polyethylene plastic. Available in a variety of colours, it measures 1150mm in length, 575mm deep and 1150mm in height, with a generous 600mm urinal trough and 400mm amenities. Dry weight of approximately 47kg. Variety of privacy available. The unit can be fitted with castors for easy mobility on solid surfaces. Minimum two units per pallet making this unit favourable for transport.

How does it work?

Unit has a holding waste capacity of 220 litres and 35 litre fresh water tank for handwash facilities. Waste water from the handwash drains into the trough which is fitted with a waterless seal cartridge. This cartridge contains a sealant gel which allows urine to pass through whilst preventing return of odours from waste holding tank.

The waste from the Hangout can be pumped into an external holding tank via the 32mm/50mm camlock ball valve or treated with an environmentally friendly culture of enzymes for the digestion process of waste. Once at a safe level waste can then be dispersed onto lawns, plants and tress with no impact to the environment.

Mission Statement

No1 Aussie Hangout Pty Ltd


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Can I order online?

Yes – just go to the shop page

How do I pay?

After placing an order using our online store you can pay via direct debit.

How long should I expect for delivery?

Items will be sent the same day as payment is received or next business day.
Australia Post Std mail normally 3-5 days (anywhere in Australia)

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