No. 1 Aussie Hangout

The Hangout is a waterless, portable urinal requiring no plumbing, no mounting, produces no bad odours and is capable of recycling waste.  This environmentally friendly unit comes fitted out with handwash, soap and paper  towel dispensers, rubbish compartment and foot pump servicing handwash, thus making the No.1 Aussie Hangout a hygienic and complete unit.

Welcome to No. 1 Aussie Hangout

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No. 1 Aussie Hangout


Urinal cleaners

Urinal Cakes and Mats

Worlds best portable waterless urinal

Proposed areas for use:

  • Mining – Surface and Underground
  • Building Sites – Low level and High Rise
  • Councils
  • Race Courses – Turf / Cars / Motorbike Events


  • Armed Forces
  • Golf Courses
  • Fruit Orchards
  • School Yards
  • Pool Yards
  • Back Yard Party
  • Back Yard Shed

“You’ve won my vote, this is the greatest innovation for country and sporting events that has been developed in years”

– Ron McCullough – Mt Isa Mayor – Mt Isa Mining Expo

“How handy is the no 1 aussie hangout, I had one set up at my wife’s birthday and it takes up practically no room, and is very portable. I had it in my garden shed for privacy and didn’t even have to move any of my gear! No smell, No fuss – Its just too easy !!”

-Sean Knight – private birthday party


“Our club had these urinals set up over the weekend, what a great idea, I can’t knock them mate. My feedback is all positive”

-Victor Woodfield – hired for Bow hunters weekend


“The name is almost as good as the invention”

-Trevor Russo


“Bloody great, its been a long time coming”

– Barry Clarke

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Mt Low, QLD 4818
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