Ultimate Urinal Mat




The Ultimate 2.0 eco-mat is a revolutionary product which will change your attitude to how washrooms should present. We realise quality cleaning is at the heart of all washroom presentation however extra help 24 hours a day 7 days a week is the bonus this mat offers. Silently deodorising, cleaning and removing built up putrefying organic matter in the pipes the Ultimate 1.0 eco-mat guarantees success.

Unlike many others we back up our claims of remedial action via billions of non pathogenic bacteria with proven laboratory testing.

This patented product does what many have been waiting for, it uses a premium eva deodorising mat and combines it with a world leading biological deodoriser block to give the cleanest, greenest approach to washroom cleanliness.
Combining world leading fragrances with a cutting edge solid state  surfactant blend as well as a concentrated broth of non pathogenic bacteria the Ultimate 2.0 eco-mat produces all the enzymes necessary to breakdown the bi products of urine.

A complementary cleaning aid will also be released in the near future to make the task even simpler. The Ultimate 2.0 eco-mat is packed individually in a film which keeps the fragrance on the inside until it is needed on the outside, also a disposable glove is incorporated with each mat to maintain the highest level of hygiene possible.
We guarantee that when sealed this product will maintain its fragrance for a period of 12 months if kept out of sunlight and moisture.

The product is also 100% recyclable with no VOC’s which makes it the ideal choice for use in waterless urinals as well as standard individual urinal pods or troughs.

The design of the face of the mat also reflects consultation as it allows rapid dispersal of urine from the surface (no pooling), significantly reduces splash and does not collect unsightly amounts of pubic hair which is a common fault of many products currently being sold as premium.

We do not hide from the fact that this product arose after many hours of consultation with the people who really know what they want i.e. the cleaners, maintenance providers and distributors with a long history in the industry.
The Ultimate 2.0 Ecomat is the industry leading urinal mat.

Product Code: Ecomat