Aqua Surface Protect 1 litre concentrate


AquaSurface Protect (1ltr Concentrate)

Makes 5litres of highly effective cleaner



Designed specifically for the reduction and prevention of Uric Scale build up.

Works equally well on both Flushing and Waterless Urinals.

Has proved to be extremely effective on stainless steel urinals and urinal steps.

Cost effective, Environmentally friendly, NON corrosive product.

Uric scale(the brown stuff growing on your urinal) can be a major contributor to bad odours in your bathroom.

Unless the urinals are scrubbed regularly you will find uric scale build up on the front edge and corners of the urinal, on and under the grate steps as well as under the drain cover and in the S Trap.

Left untreated this uric scale will become as hard as concrete and be very difficult to remove.

The use of Aqua Surface protect in conjunction with a urinal service will remove the odour causing bacteria and keep it away.

Product Code: AQUSP1