AquaLok waterless urinal oil barrier



Aqualok is an oil based barrier designed to be used in waterless urinals that have a cartridge design system. It will directly replace all other oil barriers used in your waterless urinals.

Usage couldnt be simpler – just pour the oil into the urinal after the trap cover is in place, to eliminate odours from the urinal. Then replace Aqualok every 3 months, or whenever the urinal trap is cleaned.

The advantages of using Aqualok in your organisations urinal systems include:

*Cost Effective – Aqualok is a low price alternative to urinal manufacturers products.

*Lowest Price highest quality– If Aqualok doesn’t perform to your expectations, just let us know and well give you a complete refund.… we like to keep things simple.

*You deal with a 100% Australian owned company & Australian product – No cheap imports, and your money stays right here in Australia

We highly recommend using AquaClean Microbial Washroom Cleaner for cleaning waterless urinals using AquaLok

Product Code: AQUALOK5L
Brand: Aqua