Cleaning Concentrate Bio Natural Solutions


Washroom Concentrate Cleaner

Now With GECA Certification 100% Chemical Free



One-Stop Cleaner to replace many cleaning products; makes 10:1

perfect for low flush and noflush urinals.

Product Details: Cleaner concentrate consisting of cultured bacteria and a citrus-based fragrance that replaces several types of chemical cleaners applied to floors, walls, sinks, shower recesses, outlets as well as a range of wet areas like shower curtains, kitchen floors, change rooms, urinals, toilets, etc.

Problems Solved: This is our “All Purpose” cleaner concentrate that cleans and deodorizes with a natural fragrance. The bacteria decompose organic matter by creating digestive enzymes that help bio-degrade complex compounds into H2O, CO2 and basic minerals onsite meaning that our bathrooms, toilets, showers, kitchens, laundreys & amenities are clean & our waterways are safe.

Directions for Use: Simply dilute 10:1 and apply using a clean mop or other applicator that is free of harsh chemicals which would otherwise kill the our bacteria. Call for details about the full range of applications.

Product Code: BIOBLITZ

Brand: Bio Natural Solutions