AquaClean 5ltr Ready to use



100% all natural, multi-purpose biological cleaner. Our AquaClean is specially designed with “YOU” in mind. Derived from naturally occurring, non-pathogenic, enzyme producing bacteria.

AquaClean is one of the toughest “green” cleaners on the market. Once applied to the soiled area, the bacteria contained in AquaClean are activated and begin digesting the organic material immediately . Whether it’s dirt, grease, soap scum, mildew, lime, light rust or hard water AquaClean degrades it all!

AquaClean is perfect for use in all types of flushing and waterless urinals, from a stainless steal trough to a sophisticated H2Zero  waterless urinal it has been shown to improve the appearance and daily maintenance of many of the leading brands of urinals.

We recommend AquaClean to be used in all areas of the bathroom. No need for harsh chemical cleaners.

Product Code: aquaclean5ltr

Brand: Aqua