Waterless Urinal Oil Bio Natural Solutions



Oil based product with bacteria designed to trap water and urine thereby containing urine odours and providing a supportive environment to our bacteria in waterless urinals that enable these bacteria to live and decompose urine-based and related wastes.

Problems Solved:

Seals offensive odours in the urinal and prevents smells from affecting amenities whilst enabling our bacteria to bio-degrade uric salt and sludge at the source. This prod-uct works in all waterless oil based urinals.

Directions for Use:

Mix and pour neatly into waterless urinal cartridge as per instructions. Ensure other waste products like cigarette butts, chewing gum, etc. are removed because these create other problems if they are left in the urinal.

Note: This great Idea combines the oil sealing technology used to combat smells in waterless urinals with bacteria technology to prevent any problems in your drain pipes.

Product Code: BIO0072

Brand:Bio Natural Solutions