AquaClean 5ltr washroom cleaner concentrate



Our very own totally unique bacterial formula. Developed with the Environment in mind. Highly concentrated quality environmentally friendly cleaner for all areas of the washroom, contains natural good bacteria, lime and uric scale removers and a brilliant fragrance. Extremely effective in breaking down all body fats and liquids.

  • Contain a highly effective blend of Good Bacteria which degrade organic matter
  • Eliminates malodour at source
  • Stops the build up of Uric Scale
  • Contains a biodegradable dispersing agent that prevents the formulation of lime scale

How to use:

Put 1 shot (30ml) into an empty 500ml trigger sprayer and top up with warm water and use as any other cleaning product.
For mop buckets put one or two shots into the bucket, add water and clean as required, rinse and then remove excess with an absorbent cloth, mop or sponge.
Do not combine with commercial cleaning products such as detergents, bleaches, disinfectants etc, these are toxic to bacteria.

Health & Safety:
AquaClean washroom cleaner is generally safe to use but good housekeeping practices should always be followed.Irrigate eye splashes with plenty of water, rinse mouth and drink plenty of water if ingested.

Comes in 1litre, or 5litre plastic bottles

Product Code: Aquaclean5L 5LTR

Brand: Ecobug